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If you want to make your holiday memorable than visit popular holiday destination like Dubai. Dubai knows nothing better than the best with fantastic structuring, and building and beautiful skyline, the city continues to grow capturing the imagination of the world. Dubai also have fantastic spot destination like sparkle malls, beautiful islands, underwater hotel and many more.  

Gujju Tours India's Dubai Visa Provider offers a wide range of Dubai visa options to plan a perfect Dubai Tour. These Dubai visa offered by Gujju Tours is collection of experiences with best travel experts. You can also customize your vacation to fit your budget with different Dubai package. You must visit Gujju Tours Dubai visa and get to book your Dubai Visa online for most convenience way.  

If you want to visit Dubai than Dubai visa is essential document which is required. Dubai Visa is mandatory for every individual traveling to visit the Dubai, whether he/she is a newborn baby or a senior citizen. A traveler can apply for different kinds of Dubai visas such as Dubai Tourist Visa, Dubai Visit Visa, Dubai Business Visa and Dubai Transit Visa which depends on his nationality and purpose of visiting Dubai. 

First thing is what Dubai Tourist Visa is or what is Dubai Visit Visa? So when People wishing to visit Dubai for tourism or to spend their holidays with their friends or family than they will apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa or Dubai Visit Visa which comes with limited validity and the visa holder needs to leave the country before their Dubai visa expires. 

Second thing is what is Dubai Transit Visa? Gujju Tour Dubai Visa offers 96-hour Dubai visa allowing travelers to visit Dubai attractions. It can be extended for 26 days. This Dubai Visa type applies when travelers have a short stopover in Dubai, during international trip. 

Third one is what is Dubai Business Visa? When people want to stay 7-Day, 14- Day, 30-Day visas which you can choose depending upon the duration of stay, budget, and travel plan.  These visas allow the holder to visit and stay in Dubai for tourism, to attend a business meeting or conference or to visit family members and friends residing in Dubai for a specified period of time. 

Important notes from Gujju Tours Dubai Visa is GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) citizens living in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, & Saudi Arabia are allowed to visit UAE without a visa. But a person needs a visa if he/she is a permanent residence holder of any of the above GCC countries.  Nationals from few countries are eligible for a visa on arrival facility, which means that they can get his/her 30 Days or 90 Days visas directly from the Dubai airport. Kindly refer our Dubai visa info section for a visa on arrival countries list. If your countries do not appear in that list then you need to apply for a Dubai visa prior to travel.

Getting a Dubai Visa is simple and easy with Gujju Tours, You can apply for online dubai visa in easy 3 steps with a minimum documentation

Visa Documents

Documents required for Dubai Visa process may vary from country to country, however below is a list of the Mandatory documents you need to submit.

1.       Scanned copy of the front and last page of the passport.

2.       Scanned copy of recent passport size Photograph

3.       Confirmed return flight tickets (optional)

Apart from this above listed document, some additional document might be required depending on traveler’s nationality.

Guidelines to Avoid Dubai Visa Rejection:

To avoid Dubai visa rejection and unnecessary delay in the Dubai Visa application process. Please make sure that documents should be as per immigration guidelines. Follow guidelines given below while submitting documents.

Guidelines for Passport

  • A Validity of passport must be at least 6 months.
  • Passport must contain at least two blank pages.
  • Passport must have been issued within the previous 10 years.
  • Handwritten passports are not allowed.

Guidelines For Photo

  • Size of Photo: 45mm x 35mm (height x width)
  • Color and face should be clearly visible
  • Must be taken within last six months
  • Taken against white or light gray background

Important Notes:

  • For visa applicants with a guarantor in Dubai need to submit a passport copy of guarantor and security cheque of AED 5500. 
  • Travelers who have booked any Hotel or Tour with Gujju Tours doesn’t need to submit any guarantee documents.
  • Indian nationals may not be asked for any submission of guarantee documents once their application is verified by our expert visa team.
  • For visitors traveling alone with NO Guarantor in Dubai/UAE needs to pay the deposit amount of 5500 AED. For Visitor’s traveling with their families may not need to pay deposit money.
  • Security Deposit:  The reason we are taking 5500 AED is that if any of the visitors absconds then this security deposit will be Paid as a debt to the Dubai Immigration. And if there is no such thing, then this amount will be refunded back to you within 7 working Days after the Visitor shows an exit stamp to our authorities.
  • If any of the above requirements are not matched with your current situation you can contact us at


Getting a Dubai Visa is easier with our Dubai Visa Online process, just follow the below given steps to get Dubai Visa approval in few working days.

1. Fill the Dubai Visa Online application form carefully.

2. Upload the documents required for Dubai Visa processing.

3. Pay Dubai Visa fees via secure payment gateways.

As soon as you complete this process, one of our Dubai Visa experts will review your Dubai Visa application and proceed to the immigration. Our Dubai Visa expert will get back to you in case any additional information required.


1. Before how many days Can I apply for Dubai Visa?

A visa is valid for 58 days from the date of issue so you can apply for your visa a maximum of 58 days and a minimum of 5 days prior to your travel date.

2. In how many days will I get my Dubai visa?

Generally, In Normal visa processing mode, we process all visa application in 3 to 4 working days. However, in most cases, we aim to process your application within a short period of time.

3. Is there a way to get my visa sooner than the regular?

Yes, We have Express visa option in which we process your application instantly and you will get your visa in 1 to 2 working days.

4. Do infants and kids require a visa to enter in UAE?

Yes, Visa is mandatory for Infants and children to enter in UAE.

5. Are the visa fees same for infants?

Yes, the visa fees remain same for all age groups, whether he/she is an infant or a senior citizen.

6. Do I need to submit the original passport when applying for a visa?

No. You do not need to submit original passport, Only scanned copy of your valid passport is enough to apply for a visa.

7. What’s the difference between a single entry visa & multiple entry visas?

A single entry allows a visitor to enter and stay the in Dubai, one-time only. While on multiple entry visas a visitor can enter in Dubai on multiple occasions during the visa validity period.

8. Can I visit Abu-Dhabi or any other Cities of UAE on Dubai Visa?

Yes. You can travel across any city of the UAE  such Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Umm Al Quwain, Ras alKhaimah, Ajman,  Fujairah.

9. What is OTB? And is it mandatory for me?

Ok To Board is one type visa verification process, which was introduced by the UAE government for safety. OTB requirement depends on your nationality and it is mandatory for travelers from some Asian subcontinent countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh Sri-Lanka.

10. How do I apply for OTB? And How much it will cost?

If you are applying for Dubai visa with us, then you don’t need to worry about OTB. Once you receive your visa, you have to send us a copy of your Flight ticket and we will get it done for you at free of cost.

11. What is a transit Visa?

If you have a stopover in UAE for less than more than 8 hours, then you may need a transit UAE visa.

12. Is it possible to cancel my visa application?

Once you fill your visa application form & make payment, then you won’t be able to cancel your visa application.

13. How will I receive my UAE visa?

Once Dubai immigration approves your visa application, We will send it on an email or WhatsApp number given at the time of applying for a visa.

14. If my visa application rejected, then will I get my visa fees back?

No. Refunds are not possible for rejected visa applications.

15. Can I re-apply for a visa?

Yes, of course, you can reapply for a UAE visa, but next time you have to be more careful about visa requirements and eligibility criteria.

16. Am I eligible for Visa on Arrival?

Most of the countries of North American, European & Far Eastern are eligible for a visa on arrival. Click here to view the list of ‘visa on arrival’ countries.

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Thank You For Quick Dubai Visa

Thank You Gujju Tours for quick and reliable Dubai Visa service. I got my Dubai Visa after 2 days. I will definitely recommend Gujju Tours Dubai Visa to my families and all friends.


Amazing Dubai Visa Service

I appreciate the response of the Gujju Tours Dubai Visa Service. It was a very smooth experience for me. Just submit my passport , other documents , make payment and get Dubai Visa shortly. Thank you.


Trusted & Reliable Service

Thanks to Mr. Bhavesh. He informed me about the Dubai Visa process and fees in the details. I also consulted other companies, but found this trusted and reliable one. Got my Dubai Visa in just 3 days. Thanks, again Bhavesh for the constant support!


Trusted Dubai Visa Consultant.

I always book my Dubai visa from Gujju Tours, as this is a trusted and the best visa consultant I have ever come across. Customer services are commendable and great. I Would like to recommend.


Excellent Experience! Thanks a lot !

I was traveling to Dubai for some urgent work and I had applied for a Dubai Visa from another company. They took too much money from me and even did not give the visa. I then contacted Gujju Tours, they told me that first I need to cancel my visa and then they will apply for New one. After my visa cancellation, the company applied for Dubai visa and provided the visa in just 3 days. Thanks, a lot for helping me through difficult times.


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By booking your visa with Gujju Tours, you agree to all our Terms & Conditions. Carefully read and understand the following instructions related to your visa processing and application.    

  • The processing times for visa applications are subject to the procedure and timescale of Dubai visas and immigration so, Gujju Tour’s cannot be held responsible for delays that arise from Immigration.  
  • The approval and rejection of visa application depend on the immigration of the UAE if in any case your visa gets rejected then Gujju tours will not be responsible.
  • Cancellation request submitted within 30 minutes of payment may be entitled to receive a partial refund if your application has not reviewed by our experts or any service not provided by our team.
  • Once we submit your visa application for approval to Immigration Authorities, then visas fees paid to Gujju Tours are non-refundable in any circumstances.
  • To avail FREE OK TO BOARD service Visa applicant need to send us copy of their flight ticket 48 hours before their departure time.
  • A deposit of 5500 AED is required to submit if you are applying only for a visa from Gujju Tours. In case you book a tour, itinerary or hotel with us then no deposit is needed.
  • In case of overstaying in any of Emirates of the UAE, a traveler needs to pay a penalty of to the government of the UAE and Gujju tours cannot be held responsible.
  • After returning back from UAE, a traveler needs to submit the copy of the passport page showing the exit stamp of the UAE government to Gujju Tours.
  • The visa application fees and documents required are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • Make sure to carry all relevant documents before traveling to the UAE, to avoid any type of inconvenience.



Here is list of expected public holidays in the UAE for 2024.

01-Jan-2024MonNew Year's Day
07-Feb-2024WedLeilat al-Meiraj
09-Apr-2024TueEid-al-Fitr Holiday
15-Jun-2024SatArafat (Haj) Day
16-Jun-2024SunEid Al Adha
17-Jun-2024MonEid Al Adha Holiday
18-Jun-2024TueEid Al Adhaa
19-Jun-2024WedEID Al Adha
19-Jun-2024WedEID Al Adha holiday
07-Jul-2024SunAl Hijri - Islamic New Year
15-Sep-2024Sun Birthday of Prophet Mohammad
01-Dec-2024SunCommemoration Day
02-Dec-2024MonUAE National Day
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